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Belper Neighbourhood Plan Working Group c/o Belper Town Council, The Butts, Belper, Derbys. DE56 1HX

Site last updated 28-04-18

Infrastructure considerations:-

There is a chronic shortage of infrastructure for the current population of Belper,

let alone any increases in population blindly building more houses with out consideration of these issues is a recipe for disaster.

Sewerage:- Raw sewerage is currently transported from the sewerage works along Chevinside to Milford and beyond.

At peak times raw sewerage comes out of manholes and onto the road at the bottom of Mount Pleasant.

When is Belper going to have a sewerage works capable of properly dealing with the quantity of raw sewerage being produced by Belper’s current population instead of dealing with sewerage on an industrial scale as we did in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Schools:-    All primary schools in Belper are currently filled beyond capacity.

The County Council insists children go to village schools dotted around the outlying areas such as Crich instead of building a new primary school in Belper so the town’s primary school children can go to a school with their friends.

Roads:-      Many of Belper’s roads are congested at the best of times due to parked cars.

                The A6 in Belper is the narrowest major ‘A’ road in the country.

Surgeries:- Not enough GPs or dentist surgeries for the current population.