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Belper Neighbourhood Plan Working Group c/o Belper Town Council, The Butts, Belper, Derbys. DE56 1HX

Site last updated 24-02-18

March 2014

Our MP Pauline Latham sent the Leader of the Council John Nelson a letter suggesting Belper Town Council organise the writing of a Neighbourhood Development Plan so residents get the town they want to live in.

April 2014

Cllr. Dave Fisher persuaded Belper Town Council to start the writing of a Neighbourhood  Development Plan (NDP). The motion was passed by all members except Alan Cox. Cllr Mark Robertson was selected to lead the writing of the NDP.

October 2014

Cllr Mark Robertson resigned from the Council having done nothing for the NDP.

Cllr Deborah Biss was selected to take the plan forward

Feb 2015

Amber Valley Borough Council decide the planning area is to cover all four wards of the parish of Belper

May 2015

Town Council elections

June 2015

Councillors Gary Spendlove and Dave Smith were tasked with initiating a Belper Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (SG).

July 2015

The Belper Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was set up by Councillors Gary Spendlove and Dave Smith. They were permitted by the Council to attend Steering Group meetings, but were instructed not to participate in the forming of the plan.

Nov 2015

The group’s constitution was agreed.

January 2016

Grants from Locality for the writing of a Neighbourhood Plan are required by the Dept. For Communities and Local Government to be paid into a bank account of a local authority or an incorporated company that operates within the parish and with whom the Steering Group Treasurer got on well with the company’s Treasurer.

The Treasurer first approached Belper Town Council to be the group’s fund holder, but the Council refused in January 2016.

This left the Treasurer with two options Transition Belper Ltd. or Friends of Belper Parks Ltd. As the group wanted to have the money to start before May 2016. The Treasurer chose FoBP Ltd. as he gets on very well with the company’s Chairman and Treasurer and could put a grant application in immediately.

December 2016

The Steering Group received three grants from Locality between January 2016 and 31st March 2017. When the Treasurer applied to Locality for £177 for the group’s Public Liability Insurance in December 2016. The request was declined by Locality as they decided this was Belper Town Council’s responsibility.

Jan 2017

The Town Clerk asked the Council for the £177 for the Steering Group’s insurance but the Council declined.

Feb 2017

The SG’s Treasurer put in an application for a £177 grant from the Council which fortunately was accepted.

April 2017

SG’s Treasurer received an email from Locality which was copied to the Town Clerk. The email said Locality expected the Town Council to be the Belper Neighbourhood Plan group’s fund holder as they are the plan’s Authorising Authority.

The Town Council had two choices either to step up to the plate and agree to do what they should have agreed to do in January 2016, or be the first parish Council to initiate the writing of a Neighbourhood Plan but not complete it.

The town council couldn’t cope with the idea of being the first parish Council in the UK to fail at the writing a Neighbourhood Plan, so the Council decided to be the fund holder and take control of the project.