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Belper Neighbourhood Plan Working Group c/o Belper Town Council, The Butts, Belper, Derbys. DE56 1HX

Site last updated 28-04-18

Please complete this short survey to help the Belper Neighbourhood Plan Group find out what you think of the historic mill complex at Bridge Foot and how you would like to see them used in the future.            (There are other mill buildings elsewhere in the town and at Milford, not included in this survey). Thank you for your time.

1) Do you know Belper is home to historic mills?  

Yes / No / Unsure

If Answer Yes, continue to Question 2. If answer No, continue to Question 5.

2) Do you know they are part of a World Heritage Site?

Yes / No / Unsure

3) Do you consider Belper's mills to be important?

Yes / No / Unsure

4) Should Belper's mills be preserved, refurbished and used more fully?

Yes / No / Unsure

5) What words come to mind when you think of the mills?

Write down as many as apply:

6) What would you like to see the mill buildings used for?

Tick all that apply:

Heritage centre and museum / Offices / Shops / Cafe / Residential/ Event venues / Creative studios / Art gallery / Other (please state what)

7a) Would you like to visit the mills to learn about their heritage?

Yes / No / Unsure

7b) If Yes, what would you like to do on a visit to learn about mill heritage?

Tick all that apply:

Heritage centre / Guided tours / Talks / Learning activities / Special events / Performances / Other (please state what)

Click here to download the survey as a word document which you can fill in and email to info@planforbelper.org.uk or post to Belper Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group at the address below.

Click here to download the survey as PDF file

8) What would you like to know about the mills?

Tick all that apply:

History of the mill buildings / What they were used for / Who worked there / Who owned them / Working conditions inside the mills / Why were they built in Belper / Why they are important / Other (please state what)

9) How do you like to learn about history?

Tick all that apply:

Read a book / Watch television / Visit a historic site / Take a guided tour / Attend a talk / Follow a self-guided trail / Gaming/ Re-enactment and drama / Other (please state what)

10) About you

Please circle which applies -

Gender:    Male       Female     


0 – 6            7 – 11            12 – 14            15  - 16            17  - 21          22 – 30       31 – 40       41 – 50          51 – 60             61 – 70           71 – 80           81+    .

Do you live or work within the civil parish of Belper?  (Bargate, Belper, Belper Lane End, Blackbrook, Broadholme, Far Laund, Makeney, Milford, Mount Pleasant, Openwoodgate, Whitemoor, and the outlying areas).


Please return by 17 March to info@planforbelper.com or plan4belper, c/o Belper Town Council, St John’s Chapel, The Butts, DE56 1HX.

Your responses will be part of the evidence base for Belper’s Neighbourhood Plan.  

This programme has been co-financed by DerwentWISE Landscape Partnership through the support of Heritage Lottery Fund.