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Belper Neighbourhood Plan Working Group c/o Belper Town Council, The Butts, Belper, Derbys. DE56 1HX

Site last updated 28-04-18

Belper Neighbourhood Plan

News from the street (In this case King Street and Labour party canvassers).

Belper Town Council is thought to have removed all mention of Belper Mill from the Belper Neighbourhood Plan. Why? Isn’t the Mill Belper’s most iconic building, and not being able to see the Mill from Field Lane was one of the Planning Inspectors reasons for rejecting the planning application to build a two storey house in the garden of 19 Field Lane!

Has the 100% Tory Town Council lost its marbles and actually wants the Neighbourhood Plan to be rejected?

The plan will be completed ready for a local referendum of all electors in the parish in May 2017, Oct 2017, May 2018,

Oct 2018?, probably not, but might possibly be May 2019 but  could be later yet.

Click here to view Derelict Belper a video by John Boam. Although the video is the opinion of one person, from a survey of 2000 households in Belper, the views expressed are held by many residents of Belper and H.M. Government.

Under the Defamation Act, Councils and Councillors enjoy ‘Qualified Privilege’ at Council meetings. This prevents them being sued for slander. The Law does however give the slandered person the right to put their side of the story in the public domain.

Hence I make the following statement.

At the September 2017 Belper Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting the Mayor Cllr. Peter Hurst slandered Mr. David Fisher by making an accusation against him that was TOTALLY false.

Cllr. Hurst claimed that in arranging and writing the residents’ Neighbourhood Plan Mr Fisher had breached Standing Order 11 a (ii). “Unless authorised by a resolution, no Working Group member  shall issue orders, instructions or directions.” When Mr Fisher asked the Town Clerk how and when he had breached the Standing Order as claimed by the Mayor Cllr. Hurst. The Town Clerk came up with a statement of her own making describing how she imagined I had acted in  order to obtain information from residents to produce the residents Neighbourhood Plan.

Unfortunately as no member or employee of the Town Council was at any meeting where the residents’ Neighbourhood Plan was discussed or written and the Town Clerk had received no complaint against Mr Fisher. The Town Clerk had absolutely no evidence to support Cllr. Hurst’s statement.

Mayor Cllr. Hurst’s accusation was a false, derogatory statement made in public and hence a slander against the good name of Mr David Fisher.

The Town Clerk having been told she had no evidence to support the story she had fed to the Cllr. Hurst then sought the Town Council’s approval to change the Working Groups standing orders to permit the group to remove Mr. Fisher from the group. This happened at the November Working Group meeting.

The Town Clerk and the Mayor did make an apology of sorts, but the apologies were only for any hurt I might have felt (there was none) as a result of the Mayor, Cllr. Hurst’s slanderous statement,

but Mr Fisher has yet to receive an apology for the slander itself.

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